Dana Carvey’s Saturday Night Live Audition

Dana Carvey has always been Dana Carvey. Check out his audition tape for Saturday Night Live. You’ll catch the humble beginnings of Garth from Wayne’s World, one of his characters inspired by his tech genius brother.

Dana Carvey Audition Tape for SNL

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  1. Hey Dana. I am hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction for a video. I have been trying to find a favorite SNL clip of you and Robin Williams. You, I think another actor were playing Robin William’s students and dressed in Mork suspenders. Robin had you running through drills like “Cover, Discover!” as you mimicked his propensity to cover “himself” and then open it up for the world! Another was a rapid free association drill. Evidently I was one of the few that really connected to the skit, since I can’t find it anywhere. It was one of those comedic moments that helped me see something for myself a bit more clearly, a touch more honestly. I’d love to find a source and view it again. Have a great rest of the holiday

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