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Dana Carvey Hosts SNL (2.6.2011)
Dana Carvey will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Linkin Park.

Dana Carvey on the Tonight Show (1.24.2011)

Dana Carvey Lands on (5.24.2010)
Dana Carvey has a new profile on the site - a really cool new website that allows you to "add, vote, rate, and comment on anyone". Go ahead and vote for Dana on

Dana Carvey Stars in LOST Spin-off (5.23.2010)
The LOST finale is Sunday, May 23, 2010 and ABC has already announced a spin-off of the iconic show. Dana Carvey is slated to star in the show. Here is a sneak-peak:

Dana Carvey on The Tonight Show (3.11.2010)
Jay Leno invites Dana Carvey back to The Tonight Show. Dana is introduces his "Barack Obama" and hits us with our usual favorites. Also, you get to hear Dana say, "punk-ass little bitch" with an Indian accent.

Dana Carvey on Conan O'Brien (7.15.2009)
Dana Carvey returns to The Tonight Show for his third host, Conan O'Brien.

The Dana Carvey Show (5.12.2009)
What does Robert Smigel, Louis C. K., Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Dana Carvey have in common? Well, they all were cast members of the sketch comedy show on ABC called, "The Dana Carvey Show". ShoutFactory has packed up all of the episodes on one DVD set for all of the Dana Carvey fans out there. You will also find an unaired episode and deleted scenes. The DVD is available May 12, 2009 on

Dana Carvey DVD: Both HBO Specials (8.19.2008)
Dana Carvey 2-Disc Set from HBO Dana Carvey fans have been waiting for this DVD. On August 19th, Dana Carvey will release both of his HBO Comedy Specials - Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies from 2008 and Critics Choice from 1995.
This DVD is a 2-disc set of both HBO Comedy Specials. For more information visit:

Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies (6.14.2008)
On Saturday, June 14, 2008, Dana will premiere his second comedy special for HBO entitled “Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies" 10pm EST. If this is anything like the first HBO special, you will not be disappointed.
For more information visit:

Down in Front with Dana Carvey (10.12.2007)
Dana Carvey fans are ready to celebrate 11 classic films from North by Northwest to True Lies with Dana's unique brand of commentary. This project is hosted on to introduce users to high-quality and instant video through their website. The segments are available now.

"Everything was shot guerrilla-style over two days," Carvey said in a statement. "In the miniature TV studio that I set up in my spare bedroom."

For more information visit:

Dana Carvey on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (4.30.2007)
Dana Carvey will be kicking off the Late Night with Conan O'Brien in San Francisco on April 30th at 12:35AM EST. Conan's show is in San Francisco all of this week.
For more information visit:

Dana Carvey Live at Lipscomb University (4.30.2005)
Minnie Pearl Cancer FoundationDana Carvey will be appearing live at Allen Arena at Lipscomb University for a Minnie Pearl Comedy Tribute to support the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation.
Saturday, April 30 at 8:00 p.m.
Allen Arena at Lipscomb University
Nashville, TN
For tickets and information visit:


Dana Carvey and Jay Leno (2.14.2005)
Dana Carvey on The Tonight Show with Jay LenoDana Carvey will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The interview is on Feb. 14th on NBC at 11:30pm. He will be promoting performances in Las Vegas and the upcoming prime time special -- SNL: The First 5 Years.

SNL: The Best Of Dana Carvey (10.6.2003)
As one of Saturday Night Live’s hottest cast members, Dana Carvey found inspiration in the wildest and most political places! Catch his off-the-wall comic creations and shocking satires that have taken him from late night comedy cast member to box-office headliner including Garth Algar of Wayne’s World, Hans of Hans and Franz, Ross Perot, George Bush, Church Lady, Jimmy Stewart and Robin Leach. Featuring your favorite celebrities including John Goodman, Linda Hamilton, Sean Penn, Patrick Swayze, Robin Williams and more! New release by Lions Gate Entertainment on October 6th. Visit for more info.

Voices for Gilda (8.5.2003)
"Voices for Gilda" is a tribute CD to the late, great Gilda Radner. This 2 CD set features tracks from SNL alumni including The Chopping Broccoli Song from Dana Carvey. Click here for more information.

Dana Carvey at Paris' Le Théâtre des ArtsHere is your chance to see Dana Carvey LIVE at Paris' Le Théâtre des Arts in Las Vegas. You can catch the show from February 7th through the 9th. The shows start at 9pm each evening. Click here for more information.


LIVE FROM NEW YORK (10.7.2002)
Live From New York by Tom Shales and James Andrew MillerLive From New York by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller is an uncensored look into Saturday Night Live, by holding candid interviews from the people who made the show. It starts before the show aired in 1974 and brings us up to date with its 25 year history. The book features a lot of information, including never heard before stories from the cast members, writers, directors, guest stars, crew, etc. There's a host of pages featuring Dana Carvey quotes: he talks about ad-libbing on the show, his characters on the show, his departure, Eddie Murphy, Lorne Michaels, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, and David Spade. [More Info] [Sample Chapter] [Buy Online]

"I would essentially cry in my dressing room."
Dana Carvey from Live From New York

MoD Opening Weekend Box Office Results (8.5.2002)
Dana Carvey's writing debut and return to lime light Master of Disguise placed third this weekend at $13 million behind Austin Powers in Goldmember and the opening for Signs.

Dana Carvey on The View (8.2.2002)
Dana Carvey will be a guest on The View. The show airs on August 2nd, 11am EST on ABC. Catch the interview and make sure you take the whole family to see Master of Disguise that day too.

Dana Carvey is Finally Revealed (7.31.2002)
Dana Carvey RevealedDana Carvey Revealed premieres on E!, Wednesday, July 31st. Join Jules Asner as she looks into the life of the charismatic comedian. Check out E! online to see when the show will air where you are.

Dana Carvey and David Letterman (7.24.2002)
Dana Carvey returns to the Ed Sullivan Theater as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman promoting "Master of Disguise". Tune in on Wednesday, July 24th on CBS at 11:35pm ET.

Master Of Disguise - Soundtrack (7.23.2002)
The soundtrack from Dana Carvey's Master of Disguise is being released July 23rd by Columbia Records. The soundtrack features music from Play (featuring Lil Fizz of B2K), Solange Knowles, Rose Falcon, and Devin Vasquez -- and includes tracks from Destiny's Child, Miami Sound Machine, Vitamin C, Jhene, and others. Check out more information on Columbia Records or buy it now at

Dana Carvey and Jay Leno (7.18.2002)
Dana Carvey will be promoting his latest movie, "Master of Disguise" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Check out the interview on Thursday, July 18th on NBC at 11:30pm ET.

Website Updates (6.28.2002)
EW COverEntertainment Weekly just reviewed for their latest newsstand double issue (#660/661 - June 28/July 5) in an article titled, "Saturday Net Live - Surfing the websites of ''SNL'' top grads -- Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler have online homes that are worth visiting." and written by Adam B. Vary. Below is the transcribed review for

Carvey, of course, is the master of wickedly funny impersonations, which probably explains the thinking behind his upcoming high-concept costume-athon, ''The Master of Disguise'' (exec-produced by Sandler). So why doesn't this perfectly agreeable fansite have more audio clips of his best impressions? There's only one each of his Ross Perot and George (''Wouldn't be prudent'') Bush -- and Carvey's spot-on Johnny Carson is nowhere to be heard. Better represented are Carvey's most famous creations, the Church Lady and Garth Algar, as well as relatively timely updates about the comic himself, but ultimately this website really isn't that special. B

Website Updates (5.10.2002)
There is newly posted multimedia from the upcoming movie from Dana Carvey, Master of Disguise, on the Multimedia page.

Master of Disguise Update (4.4.2002)

Sony has pushed back the release date of Master of Disguise. The new target release is August 2nd, 2002. Disguise the limit in August.MoD Links

Nickelodeon's Annual Kids’ Choice Awards (4.2.2002)
Dana Carvey will be making a guest appearance at the 15th Annual Kid's Choice Awards promoting his up and coming movie, Master of Disguise. The award show is schedule to air Saturday, April 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT (tape delay PT) on Nickelodeon.

Master of Disguise Update (10.14.2001)
Sony has announced a target release date of May 31st, 2002, for Master of Disguise, the new movie starring Dana Carvey. Production was scheduled to start on September 24th.
Premise from This comedy is the story of the last (Dana Carvey) in a long line of "masters of disguise", in a family that goes back past 2,000 years of European history. (James Brolin plays his father, the great European master, Fabbrizzio; Harold Gould plays his grandfather; Edie McClurg plays his mother; Jennifer Esposito plays his assistant and love interest).

Wayne and Garth are Schwinging Again (7.16.2001)
Wayne and Garth (Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) party on when WAYNE'S WORLD and WAYNE'S WORLD 2 premiere on DVD this month from Paramount Home Entertainment. Available individually ($24.99 S.R.P.) and as a two-pack boxed set (WAYNE'S WORLD - THE COMPLETE EPIC, $49.98 S.R.P.), the films feature Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere, Lara Flynn Boyle, Christopher Walken, Kim Basinger, and Heather Locklear. The DVD's are available now and feature new interviews and commentaries and "Cable Access TV" menu options.

Kiwibox -- Teen Magazine (4.10.2001)
Read an article about Dana Carvey on (based on content from

Master of Disguise (12.28.2000)
Dana Carvey will star in a new movie produced by Adam Sandler called "Master of Disguise". The movie was written by Dana Carvey and Harris Goldberg and will be released by Columbia Pictures in 2001. No further information about the project is known but check back for updates.

Little Nicky (11.9.2000)
Adam Sandler's new film Little Nicky comes to a theater near you on November 10th. Dana Carvey will make a cameo as a basketball referee in this devilish film.

Bash Presidents? (11.4.2000)
Check out Dana Carvey on Presidential Bash 2000. The show will feature new segments from Dana Carvey, Darrell Hammond, Will Ferrell, George W. Bush, Al Gore, Jesse Ventura, and other surprises. The show airs November 5th on NBC at 9:00pm EST. Buy The Video

This week on NBC... (10.15.2000)
...all Dana, all of the time. Check out Dana Carvey as a guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The show airs October 19th on NBC at 12:30pm EST. Dana Carvey will also host Saturday Night Live on October 21st at 11:30pm EST on NBC.

Little Nicky (9.4.2000)
Adam Sandler's new film Little Nicky will be released on November 10th. Dana Carvey will make a cameo as a basketball referee in this devilish film about Little Nicky, the son of Satan, who must stop his brothers from creating a Hell on Earth. Click here for the Official Little Nicky Site.

Dana Carvey and Conan O'Brien (8.4.2000)
Check out Dana Carvey on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The interview is a rerun from April and airs August 4th on NBC at 12:30pm ET.

Celebrity Site of the Day (7.7.2000) is named Celebrity Site of the Day by Celebrity Link.

Dana Carvey and David Letterman (6.21.2000)
Dana Carvey returns to the Ed Sullivan Theater as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. Tune in on Wednesday June 21st on CBS at 11:30pm ET.

Dana Carvey Settles Surgery Suit (5.27.2000)
Dana on the cover of People MagazineDana Carvey settled his $7.5 million lawsuit Friday against the surgeon who operated on the performer's wrong artery during a double bypass heart surgery in 1998. Dana plans to donate the money to charity."I didn't want to go to court and I don't seek this kind of publicity,'' Carvey said in an interview with People magazine for its June 5 issue. "But I felt this was a matter of right and wrong. There was no letter of apology or explanation, no phone call. I wanted to be satisfied the surgeon would not be hurting someone else and would acknowledge his error.''

Dana Carvey and David Letterman (5.3.2000)
Dana Carvey will be making a visit to the Ed Sullivan Theater as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. The 'wild stuff' happens on Wednesday May 3rd on CBS at 11:30pm ET.
Who Wants to Watch Millionaire

Celebrities on Millionaire? (4.30.2000)
Dana Carvey will be a contestant on ABC-TV's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire show. He will be playing for the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society - Hollygrove charity. The celebrity version of the show begins Monday May 1st, and continuing for the next 3 nights (8:00pm ET, May 1-3 and 9:00pm ET, May 4) on ABC. Check your local listings for the exact times in your area.

No Holds Barred (3.23.2000)
(3/24). Bill's other guests will be Jerry O'Connell, Bijou Phillips, Christine O'Donnell. is a NotHans website.
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